About Jo Houtz...
1417 Emily Court West;   Abingdon, MD  21009
  410-538-5585  Email:   h2ohue@aol.com

Jo Houtz, Artist, BWS, RAL, HAA, DWS, PAA
1417 Emily Ct. W.
Abingdon, MD. 21009

Jo Houtz is a former career federal employee who began painting after retirement, working in watercolor, pencil and ink and a variety of papers.  Currently she lives in Abingdon, MD, but displays her work at many regional art exhibits, shows and fairs in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia. She has won a variety of awards at these festivals.

Jo has exhibited in one person shows as well as regional exhibitions.  Her artwork is included in corporate and private collections.  Professional affiliations include: Baltimore Watercolor Society, Harford Artist Association, Rehoboth Art League, Delaware Watercolor Society and the York Art Association.

Recent works use Masa paper.  A unique effect can be obtained by soaking the paper and crushing it by "waddling" it.  This "waddling action" breaks the sizing in the paper and allows the initial application of color (background) to soak well into the paper giving a depth that is exceptional.

"Eclectic. I think that says it all. My art reflects my life and that is eclectic.  I am unable to channel all my energies towards a discipline that dictates a loss of choices and puts you in a position of trying to feel what you are painting rather than painting what you feel.      Jo

The Sheppard & Enoch Pratt Foundation

Jo has had 5 of  her works selected for "The Collection at Sheppard Pratt".  These will be displayed in early 2007 in the patient wings of Sheppard Pratt.  She was very excited about the selection and feels it is an honor to be part of the permanent collection at Sheppard Pratt.

The Baltimore Sun Newspaper Article

Jo was recently written up in The Baltimore Sun for her ability to use the Japanese Masa paper in a highly effective manner.  To see and read the article please click on the following link.

The Baltimore Sun Article

Crushed Japanese Masa Paper

A number of my paintings are done on crushed "Japanese Masa" paper.  This is a special process that gives a wrinkled or creased  look to the finished product.  To prepare the paper, I take a piece of the Masa paper, crush it and soak in water until the paper is saturated.  Following that, I smooth the very wet paper with a 2 inch brush and while very wet drop the first colors into the background.  The paper is soaked before every broad application of color.  Detail work is done on a near dry surface.

Many artists attach the Masa paper to watercolor paper with a wall paper paste in order to give stability to the working surface, but I do not always do this.

Working with crushed Masa paper is much like painting on tissue.

When I begin to drop color on the wet paper it seeps into the folds of the paper and forms images and/or a unique background effect for my painting.  I like the impressions and the results of the creases and folds of this paper and in every case I felt it enhanced the overall creative process of my painting.

My series called "The Ancients" is done on Masa paper and is my rendition of  Cave Paintings from various parts of the world.  Masa paper enhances the look of the cave walls in the painting.  You can see the full list of "The Ancients" in the gallery section of this web site.

Too see specific examples, pull up the following pictures, also I have prepared a series of  visuals demonstrating  how to use the masa paper.  Please CLICK on the Masa Paper Technique link below.